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As biotechnology advances, who will make the rules?

The growth of biotechnology has put us in uncharted territory, especially regarding safety measures and legal procedures. During this time, which agencies will get the power to regulate these new innovations? Full article from Science Magazine

One woman’s work speaks volumes about what genetically modified foods can do for us in the future

Pamela Ronald has engineered rice crops with the Sub1 gene, which gives these plants more effective protection from flooding. Full article here in Technology Review

Scientists have developed a spray that protects crops from disruptive plant viruses

Australian researchers have developed an RNA substance that extends the immunity of plants to the mild mottle virus for approximately 20 days. Check it out at Technology Review

What we should expect in the future

Concerned about the growing global population, researchers utilize biotech patents from the past to make inferences about the future yield of genetically modified food production. Read more at Technology Review

Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ynsect, shares his story about how we can find more sustainable ways to handle food production at EmTech Singapore.


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