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The FDA approves an immunotherapy that targets genetic “glitches” in cancer patients

Keytruda is a drug that redefines how we’ve been treating cancer up until now. With this therapy, patients that didn’t benefit from chemotherapy will have a higher chance at survival. Read full article in Technology Review.

Gene therapy is useful for treating animals as well

A study done at Tufts University has shown that certain genetic diseases can even be treated by gene therapy in animals. Full article here in Technology Review

One company already has the ability to create “designer” pets through gene editing

Chinese genomics company, BGI, can now create customizable Bama micro-pigs, but it does not plan to sell these pets commercially due to many reasons, including lack of regulation. See article here in Technology Review. 

How powerful will gene therapy be for us in the future?

Gene editing and gene therapy is on the brink of preventing deadly diseases for humans. But can it go so far as to slow down the aging process? Full article at Maddyness[French]

Rob Nicol, Senior Director of the Technology Development at the broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, explains some of the developments of his lab and the future of health with the development of genomics.


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