We at Randox are proud to be a global leader in healthcare diagnostics, with a proud history of improving health worldwide for over 40 years. Our story is one of ambition, innovation, and commitment to advancing the cutting-edge science technologies that hold the key to ground-breaking discoveries in health and the practice of diagnostic testing worldwide.

Our innovations, such as our patented Biochip technology, have disrupted the in-vitro diagnostic market and established Randox as a world leader in the industry. Our products range from open channel reagents, analysers, and quality controls to molecular diagnostics, point of care solutions, forensic toxicology, and food diagnostics. These products are a result of Randox’s commitment to science and our goal of improving health worldwide, rather than simply accepting the status quo.

At the core of Randox’s success is our dedication to research and development, with an ever-expanding team of top scientists and engineers constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of healthcare diagnostics. This commitment to innovation has resulted in numerous awards and accolades, including recognition for our pioneering work in personalised medicine, in-vitro diagnostics, and infectious disease testing.

Randox is a company that is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with a strong focus on improving health outcomes worldwide through our cutting-edge products and services. Our commitment to science and dedication to advancing diagnostic testing make Randox a trusted partner for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

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