Unosquare is a digital engineering company founded in 2009. The company was created in response to the need for businesses to enhance their digital product engineering teams. 

Unosquare now offers services across eight disciplines, referred to as “Centers of Excellence.” These disciplines are designed to fulfill the modern need for digital product creation and the implementation of digital transformation initiatives. As of today, Unosquare has over 1000 employees working in distributed teams across five countries. The company’s teams are located in the Americas and Western Europe, giving them a broad reach and the ability to serve a diverse range of clients. With such a large and experienced workforce, Unosquare is well-equipped to tackle even the most complex and ambitious digital projects.

To achieve this, Unosquare employs a unique approach internally called “work streams”. This method ensures that we are solving for the long-term needs of our clients, rather than simply addressing immediate concerns. By engaging in work streams, the company is able to consider the full scope of a digital product and experience and the various interrelated elements that are necessary for a successful outcome.

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