MIT Innovators Under 35 2022

2022 Innovators

Alfons Carnicero Carmona

Healthcare Innovator, Barcelona, Spain

Ana Ortega-Gil

Established Digital Health Researcher, Bizkaia, Spain

Becca Hume

Founder of TapSOS, Belfast, N.Ireland

Camille O’Malley

CTO & co-founder of Xtremedy Medical

Charlotte Degot

Founder and Global Leader CO2 AI by BCG, Boston Consulting Group

Daniel Crawford

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Axial3D

Daniel Schulz

Dimitri Labat

Co-founder and CTO of Chipiron, Paris

Dr Dorota Chapko

Creative mixed-methods researcher

Dr. Charles Chen

Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca, US / UK

Dr. Elham Fadaly

Photonics research scientist and a laser integration engineer at Apple, Egypt / US, California

Dr. Viola Becattini

Senior Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Emil Hewage

Co-founder and CEO of BIOS

Guglielmo Mazzà

Environmental engineer and social entrepreneur, Italy

Guillem Viladomat

CEO of Durcal, Andorra

Hannah Thomson

Founder CEO The Joy Club

James da Costa

Co-Founder and COO of Fingo, UK / Kenya / India

Jonathan O’Toole

Chief Product Officer of Elvie

Lubomila Jordanova

CEO & Co-founder Plan A, Bulgaria

Michaela Stephen

Co-founder and Chief Dream Officer of MATR, Scotland / Vienna, Austria

Mulundu Sichone

Founder & CEO of the award-winning cleantech startup PYDRO

Nadine Schratzberger

Fashion designer

Owen McGirr

Entrepreneur and Software Developer, Donegal, Ireland

Roy Hotrabhvanon

Co-founder and CEO of PlayerData

Sergio Gallastegui

Co-Founder and Lead Blockchain in Code Contract

Sian Farrell

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of StimOxyGen

Somdip Dey

CEO at Nosh Technologies, U.K. and Lecturer at University of Essex, Kolkata, India / Colchester, UK

Stefan Iarca

Co-Founder and CEO Xvision Romania

Swapnil Sarjerao Jagtap

President’s PhD Scholar, Imperial College London

Tanguy Serrat

Co-founder and CTO of SquareMind

Tatsiana Zaretskaya

CEO at Laava Tech, Belarus / Estonia

Valerio Magliulo

Co-founder of Abatable, Italy / UK

William Brant

Associate Professor specialising in materials chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden and co-founder of the sodium-ion battery company, Altris AB

Xabier Sarasola

Speech synthesis researcher in Elhuyar Foundation, Basque Country

Yuling Xie

Postdoctoral Researcher in FREIA project, Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast/UK