What is EmTech Europe?

Since ancient times, technology has acted as a catalyst for societal revolution. This phenomena has been especially prevalent in recent years as technological advances and applications in several fields have radically transformed the way we interact and behave on a daily basis.

We believe that the current shift transforming contemporary society began many years ago through emerging research and technologies resulting in the technological advancements we are experiencing today.

Without the development of early programming structures and the creation of computational devices, it would have been impossible to develop AI or Quantum Computers. For the 2018 edition of EmTech Europe, we want the focus of this year’s event to be on the importance of continuous technological transformation. This event acknowledges contributions from past and current pioneers, founders, and developers in fields of emerging technologies and research from leading institutions.

Those who attend EmTech Europe will be equipped with the necessary information required to understand how becoming the society of today will pave the way to becoming the society of the future.

How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping The Society Of The Future

EmTech Europe is the largest and the most important conference on emerging technologies in Europe organized by MIT Technology Review, one of the most prestigious technology magazine in the world. The event is an incredible convergence of our world’s latest emerging technologies that are positioned to shape our future.


For almost 20 years, we have successfully built a strong global community by designing an inspiring space where great minds come together, share knowledge, and network as we learn how to impact the world and transform society.


This is an opportunity for people from different backgrounds, expertises, and interests to discuss and collaborate on some of our world’s biggest challenges and explore the breakthroughs and emerging technologies that can be used to tackle them. EmTech Europe will gather more than 500 participants passionate about technology: entrepreneurs, investors, chief officers, tech journalists, private companies, public institutions and members of the Innovators Under 35 community.

EmTech Europe 2018 will be held on October 2-3 in Toulouse, France. During the course of two days we will gather more than 30 national and international experts to showcase the latest advances in technology with a common focus: How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping The Society Of The Future.

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